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NZIOL NZIOL’s learning provides practice in several subjects including Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Logical Reasoning, Mental Ability, Analytical Ability and Critical Thinking, which are essential to the success of every student. Skills are organized by grades, topics, tutorials, practice tests and time bound tests.

At NZIOL, we strive to make learning easy and enjoyable for our students. Our teachers are there to guide and coach each student, strengthening those areas of education which require focus and thus empowering our students with the right skill sets for academic success.

We offer an effective and innovative approach to learning and are specialists in the teaching of English and Mathematics. The Math section covers skills such as counting, number operations, algebra, story problems and many more. The Analytical Ability section focuses on thinking skills, patterns, sequences, problem analysis, analogies and over 50 other topics to help develop your child's brain. The Language Arts section includes reading comprehension, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, predicates, vowel sounds and many more grammar skills.

Furthermore, it is well known that class sizes and the passion and experience of the tutor to give one to one help when needed, is of up most importance. Our class sizes are small, allowing our accredited tutors to give the attention to students that they need for examination success.

We firmly believe that external coaching and tuition can positively impact upon each student’s future that’s why our tuition services take such a targeted approach towards student’s needs. Our tutors don’t just teach, we mentor students enabling each to maximize their potential.



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Mental Ability
Analytical Ability
Critical Thinking
Language Arts
Expanding Vocabulary
Focussed Reading
Public Speaking
Attentive Listening
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